When Your Family is Always Annoyed With Each Other!

So last week I had one of those very vivid and very real dreams where Sean and I were fighting about something. Don't ask me what, cause I honestly can not remember, however, the next morning I woke up sooooooo annoyed with my partner. I was actually still mad at him for something that had happened in my dream. I noticed this feeling carried through the day. When I walked past the sink and saw his dishes from lunch in there I about lost my mind. Although this is a pretty common thing in our house and I usually just put them away, I was totally fuming. It got me to thinking about this summer when the girls had been together non-stop since March and had begun what seemed as "waking up mad" at each other. It is no joke when I say their very first interactions were that of yelling at each other. I think it is very common and very real right now with so many of our families being together so much that we start to experience these feelings, no matter how un-rational (like a dream fight) they may seem.

This summer I had been listening to a Podcast called the Happiness Lab with Dr. Laurie Santos and she had explained that the simple act of thinking and saying kind thoughts about someone can alter your perspective as well as the other person's. So having heard this I decided to ask the girls first thing in the morning, LIKE THE MOMENT THEY FIRST SAW EACH OTHER, to say something nice to each other, a compliment about the other one, something they were grateful for about them, or something they liked they did for them. The first few days the girls were not impressed and struggled to find something kind to say, however a few days in their entire attitudes changed. They would wake up say something nice and then head downstairs to play a mutually agreed upon game. It was nothing short of AMAZING. We continued with this practice for about 2 weeks and it eventually went away, but the positive morning interactions did not.

So after this past week and my dream and the general annoyance in our household, the entire family and I have agreed to start up this practice again. This time Sean and I will be engaging in it as well. So my weekly kindness challenge to you all this week is to wake up and share a kind thought with each person in your household. I will write back and let you know how it goes for us and hope that you will let us know how it goes for you.

Take Care of each other during this crazy time of year and remember to think kindly of others!

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