Our first Kindness Submission!!!!

So when we started this project the last thing I had wanted was to be the only person/family giving out ideas of kindness. Our family is far from perfect, especially when it comes to kindness. It is so wonderful that we have our first contributor to the blog. Thank you so much to my dear sweet cousin for giving us some more inspiration and sharing your acts of kindness! Here is what Rheannon sent us:

I first started writing anonymous love letters about 10 years ago. I had stumbled upon the 'The World Needs More Love Letters' project and I was captivated! At the time, their mission was a little bit different--rather than having targeted recipients, it was just about putting more love and inspiration out into the world via love letters left in random places.

It was an outlet for my creativity as well as a meditative kindness practice. I wrote and wrote and set them out at parks, in stores, libraries, everywhere! A few times I would stay and peek, waiting for them to be found--the resulting smiles filled my heart and soul. It's such a small act, such a FUN and creative act, but one that can truly make a difference in a person's day.

When I started letter writing many years ago, I shared it with my mom and she was also eager to join in. Now, I have my own daughter and when I explained about making nice cards for our neighbors and the kids that we see around the neighborhood, she was so excited! She eagerly helped me throughout the whole process--painting, gluing, coloring/stuffing/sealing envelopes. Finally, she did all the doorsteps deliveries, happily trudging through the snow. She continued repeating the lesson that we were doing a nice thing for our neighbors and for the kids. We were caught in the act by some of the neighbor kids and they were so happy and grateful! Towards the end of our walkabout, they chased us down to give us their own smiley card that they had made for us.

I hope to continue showing her these paths to kindness, especially in these days where we are all so distanced and her connection to fellow humans is so severely limited.

Thank you, Keating family, for providing inspiration and spreading love and kindness far beyond the borders of your city.

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