Oh to be "Liked"

So, Avery came to me a few months back and told me she wanted to start a gaming YouTube Channel (insert sigh). I told her I needed to think about it, as I had literally just read a homeschool book about the importance of letting your kids go after their passions. So, after some deep thought I sat her down and had a very long explanation about why I personally do not love social media. I explained to her that I have had a battle with it for the past few years and that when I was going through very challenging times in life, I would find myself staring blankly at a Facebook page filled with all these "AMAZINGLY HAPPY FAMILIES" they were traveling, and doing all these wonderful things, their kids were always happy and smiling in photos and here I was basically keeping my kids out of Child Protective Services (see my past post for this reference).

I would see friends of ours having play dates and wonder why I wasn't invited, clearly there was something wrong with me and my kids, or worse maybe my sadness was too overwhelming for them to be around?

I longed to be those families, and felt so bad that we could not be. The happy moments that unfolded naturally in life were amazing, but my first thought that crossed my mind was, " I have to post this for others to see". The thing about coming out of the darkness is seeing the light. I realized that our live's were never that bad and honestly we were doing pretty darn awesome, however the constant comparison of other's happy times was depressing.

I continued to explain to Avery that people only show the good times and that the addiction of being "liked" is very real. I personally stopped posting our "Happy Times" (for the most part, but hey I am human too and occasionally was sucked back in), but I also found myself still mindlessly cruising through facebook like some crack addicted voyeur looking for my next fix of "how is everyone else's life so much better than mine".

So here we were discussing this and she was giving me that "ya, ya, ya mom" look and patiently awaiting my final answer to the question of whether or not she could start a YouTube channel. So after some discussion we came up with the idea that if she and Parker could find a way to use social media for GOOD, then I would allow her to start a gaming station. So here we are with our kindness project. It has taken several different turns along the way, and the girls wane in and out of excitement for it, but I will be dammed if we stop the project before I can prove to them that social media can be used for good!

Ok, so here I am blogging our family kindness ideas in hopes of getting more families involved and low and behold I have found myself sucked into the "why does nobody LIKE me" mindset. I am continually having to remind myself that it is not about the likes but about the people we reach and have a positive impact on. It is truly about teaching my kids that social media can be used for good and that we all have good and bad days, and sometimes showing the bad helps others know that they are not alone in this crazy life.

So my kindness challenge this week is for people to use social media for good. Share moments of imperfection and help normalize those moments of sadness or of a messy house, or those times that your kids are being less than awesome. Share a friend's business page post and give them a boost. Don't just mindlessly scroll by someone's post that may need a little extra love that day. Maybe they were struggling that day and the only thing good that happened they decided to post and instead of scrolling by perhaps send some love their way.

For the kids this week, a kind act to do is to include them in the posts and tell them the importance of sometimes showing people that we are all human and we all struggle from time to time. Let them know that life is sloppy and is not always that "perfect YouTube family" they are always watching. Take the time to talk to the kids and let them know that sometimes the most KIND ACT we can do for other's is to show them that we are all human.

Sending so Much Love Your Way. Please don't forget to email us your acts of kindness to share with others. Help us show all the kids that they can make a difference and they can inspire others to do acts of kindness.

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