Kids 30 days of kindness challenge: Win a free shirt

Ok so with everything going on in our country now, I think we all could use a little extra kindness. The girls and I have decided to host a 30 DAYS OF KINDNESS CHALLENGE for the kiddos!!

So here is the deal: If your kids can do 1 random act of kindness every day for 30 days and email us a picture or an explanation of what they do each day, we will give them a Free T-shirt from our store. The first 30 kids to email us 30 days worth of random acts of kindness will receive the shirts. They do not have to be consecutive days but the 1st 30 kids to submit a total of 30 random acts of kindness will WIN!!

Here are some wonderful ideas for kids to do:

Compliment a stranger

Take a neighbor's newspaper to their door

Help shovel someone's driveway (for free of course)

Give someone random a sticker

Hold a door for someone

Leave a random love letter at a park, playground, library

(see our previous blog for this idea)

Return someone's shopping cart for them after they load their car

Help a sibling or friend with homework

Call a friend or relative just to tell them you love them and are thinking of them

Make a card for a friend and tell them they are loved or appreciated

Paint a picture

Donate an old toy to another kid

Clean out their closets and find a family that could directly use the clothes

(not just a donation drop center)

Do jobs or chores to make money to send to a charity

Donate old towels to an animal shelter

Paint a rock and leave somewhere for people to find

Apologize to someone that you were recently mean to

Be kind to yourself for a day, when you feel frustrated or sad tell yourself it is



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