How Do I Start My Kids With Kindness?

So as parents often times we have these great ideas on how to teach our kids important life lessons, and then the task becomes a chore and the kids fight back and we end up giving up! So each week We will be posting our weekly kindness tasks that are manageable and fun! The kids won't even know they are learning! So last week was Thanksgiving so we focused on be thankful. Time and time again when you ask young kids what they are thankful for they say family and friends. Currently during COVID we are struggling with ways to connect our kids with both family and friends, so we came up with a craft idea that would allow us to learn a little gratitude and help our girls and their family and friends be connected. We started small and decided to make handmade cards and personally deliver them to our friends and family's doorsteps. The girls had so much fun doing this we decided to make bath bombs for everyone as well. There are TONS of bath bomb recipes online so I will not go into that, but I will say we ended up just using muffin tins as molds for the bath bombs. Did they turn out super pretty? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! But heck it is the thought that counts and most importantly engaging your kids in an activity that is allowing them to create something for the people they care about. Since this year was a bust on getting together with our friends and family we decided to deliver the card and package on Thanksgiving morning. It was a good way for all of us to get out of the house and bring a little JOY to a few other families. The girls felt connected to their friends and family just by seeing their houses and in some cases waving or chatting from the car (some people caught the girls on their security cameras and came to wave and say hi), and we had a great morning being thankful for all the people we really miss right now! So for all you parents out there that are thinking WOW this is way to much for me right now, my advise is START SMALL. Talk to your kids about who they are thankful for and have them make a card for that one person, then have them either send it in the email or drive them to hand deliver it. My final thought for you parents is......try this activity out for yourself, the simple act of thinking positively about someone and sharing those thoughts can bring joy to both you and that person! DON'T FORGET TO EMAIL US YOUR CREATIONS SO WE CAN SHARE THEM ON OUR BLOG!!

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